Times are changing.! Here’s why:

I. What happened to the Yellow Pages Book?

ll. Survey indicates 87% of buyers want to self-serve part or all of their buying journey!! CLICK HERE for details.

lll. In February 2022, Amazon.com had over 2.2 billion visits.

The platform is by far the most visited e-commerce property in the United States.

But they only handle shelf items so not applicable for the service industry.

lV. Solve your pain of getting option answers for a dollar quote that is time consuming & difficult.

Get Automated quotes without any human interaction.

With Patented CPQcart Express from our marketplace.

No monthly fee

Pricing for CPQ Express is Per Transaction: $7.50/Quote or $15/Order.

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Without CPQcart 8 order flow steps from a Contact Form

Above repersents the typical 8 steps that web sites that have with Free Quote or Call for Quotes where they just collect contact info.

With CPQcart 3 order flow steps

Above repersents the typical 3 steps with our Patented Marketplace where the prospects answers the options so an automated $ Quote can be provided.

Self-Help & Self-Serve is in!!

This survey is for B2B and probably higher for B2C Click for Survey.

If you want to replace your contact form only


add an additional link such "Click here for Instant Quote"

We have a product for that also.

Pricing for CPQcart has a Monthly Fee of $1/Day/Product

and Marketplace Transaction fee of $5.00/Quote or $10/Order (lower than CPQcart express).

Click here for details.

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